Serie B

Serie B

Año: 2013

IMDB Rating: 4.0

Género: Comedy  Mystery  Horror  

Director: Ricard Reguant 

Serie B
An actor in low-budget films called Willie Molina retires because he wants to practice his greatest hobby: hunting. One day in the mountains, accidentally shoots some young who walk beside the weed, wounding one of them. It's a small wound, but the man insists on bringing them home and heal properly, and incidentally to the girls spend the day at home. When they arrive they realize the wealth of man. The reality is that the girls pretend to be damsels in distress, using her charms to rob men like Willie. But when the man gagged, this manages to escape and start the real hunt there.
Elenco: Núria de Córdoba , Jaume Fuster , Eva Losada , Sonia Monroy , Cata Munar , Roger Pera .

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