The Journalist

The Journalist

Estado: Currently airing

Año: 2022

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Género: Crime  Drama  

The Journalist
The Journalist is an adaptation of the hit movie of the same name, The Journalist, released theatrically in 2019 which was a huge hit with audiences garnering a great deal of attention by confronting Japanese political crimes and scandals of recent years. With its shocking tackling of societal taboos, thrilling developments, and stylish visuals, the film won awards in three major categories at the 43rd Japan Academy Awards, including Best Picture of the Year, as well as many other film awards. In The Journalist, we welcome Ryoko Yonekura (Doctor X, Legal V) to play the protagonist Anna Matsuda, a Toto Newspaper reporter known as the ‘maverick of news media’, who strives to expose issues in modern Japanese society. Michihito Fujii(The Journalist(film), Day and Night ) is set to direct this new series.

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